All About Me!


I’m Jenna. A free Spirited Mum,  my entire adult life!

A teenage single Mum, I turned 18 when Dylan was 10 days old. I registered him the same day.

We have a unique relationship due to us pretty much growing up together. We are more like brother and sister than Mum and Son. We’re best friends. He talks to me about anything…… sometimes I wish I didn’t know!!

Married in 2004.  Archie was born when Dylan was 6. The marriage only lasted a couple of years, so I was back to being a single mum. I then met Luke. When Archie was 7, I gave birth to Otis. Shiloh arrived 4 years later.

4 boys, 3 Dad’s!! (my Dad warned me 4×4 was only good for a car!!)


I gave up my job in 2012, as a housing support worker. The job was varied. It felt great helping people. But with a growing young family, it was draining. I was there 6 years. 6 years before that I worked in Mental Health.

Festival Organiser

My passion for natural healing and love of music and dance instantly motivated me to organise ‘ Rest Festival’.

It’s an amazing event which has attracted a warm and friendly tribe. I’m missing it loads, but have a break to focus on getting our motor-home ready for magical mystery tours around the UK and Europe, and it’s given me time to create this website!


I left school with no qualifications. I hated school so didn’t apply myself.  Since leaving  I have gained so many.

Once I discovered I actually enjoyed learning, my addictive personality kept joining courses!

I have been studying natural lifestyles , medicine and therapies continuously since I was 16. Mainly Nutrition, Naturopathy and I’m a NLP Practitioner. I also do Thai Massage and Reiki.

My family is pharmaceutical medication and product free.

Don’t get me wrong, I would use if absolutely necessary. Treating them with aromatherapy, herbalism, homeopathy and good nutrition has always worked for us.


I have been vegetarian and vegan for 26 years. As an animal rights activist, I feature in this video, interviewed by Borat outside the labour party conference in 1998! I was just 19 and very enthusiastic!!

 I’ve had a lot of time to develop some really yummy wholesome recipes. Veganism is the fastest growing lifestyle choice, it has become trendy!!… as a veteran, I am happy to share my cruelty free alternatives with the newbies!

Home Educator

This has been my life since 2012. Not always easy, but the best decision I ever made.

I had a depressed and withdrawn 7 year old, who was struggling to learn. He is now confident, and happy.

I’m keen to spread awareness. Motivated to share tips, so other parents can find the confidence to break convention, if that’s what their child needs.


As a piscean, I always have one eye on my dreams.

I’m an idealist, constantly dreaming up a perfect world individually and nationally.

My creative mind can put me under pressure. If I don’t follow through with any idea, I start to wilt like soggy spinach!

With a focused project on the go, there’s no stopping me.

Hence ‘free spirit’…. forever following my inner humming bird, regardless!