Mum Life


Follow Your Intuition

There is no right or wrong way of being a mum, as long as you are following your maternal intuition.

We all have different life experience and challenges to deal with. No mother is the same as the next, and it is so important that we don’t judge and instead stand by one another, be supportive and share experiences and philosophies or techniques that have worked.

I am far from a perfect mum. I’m always letting myself down and not always the mum I want to be. But it is the one area of my life I’m always consciously trying to improve.

Every Child Is Different

Having been mum all my adult life, I have tried and tested all sorts.

Every child is different though, so what works for one, won’t work for another. Though there are always attitudes that help all concerned sail through the hardest of times.

I will share my thoughts and idea’s, you don’t have to do as I do, but they are there to be read in case they can help someone.

Would be great if you commented on my posts, so there can be a discussion to help form a wide perspective, and I am always open to learn something new too.

Spicy Choc-Orange Energy Smoothie Super Brain Power This smoothie is scrummy and my NATURAL ANTI DEPRESSANT. After I have this for breakfast, people have commented that I’m ‘TOO HAPPY’!! And I feel amazing… energised and ready to take on ANYTHING!! This is a perfect smoothie for all those teenagers taking their GCSE’s at the moment!…...
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Wow… what a crazy week that was!!!! Going public as a ‘Feral Family’ for Channel 4 When I agreed to do the documentary, I thought it would play on the TV and that would be it. HOW NAIVE!!!! (Well I do live on a isolated hill, no TV, never read papers.  I’m not accustomed to...
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Have you ever had one of those days, when nothing goes right??! It doesn’t matter how positive you are, annoying things just keep happening. Your patience and well being is pushed to the limit! Well… today it was like this for me. I suspect it’s due to what I like to call my ‘full moon...
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I have been getting into writing recently… …. and have been offered a publishing deal for some rhyming children’s picture books. But I feel I need more practice at general writing, because I just love it!! Creativity Like any art form, writing is a bit like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger and more...
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Breastfeeding is more than Nutrition As an experienced breastfeeding Mum of 4, I would now like to pass on my Mummy Mantra, to new Mum’s, especially those who don’t have a clue where to start.. “IF IN DOUBT, GET YOUR BOOBS OUT!!!” Now I understand breastfeeding isn’t for all of you. Before you just opt...
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Free Time – Survival Tips A question that I keep being asked, and see it appear all over social media… ……”I’d love to Home – Educate, but worried I won’t have enough time to myself” This is such a realistic question, but completely bypassed my thoughts as I took my Son out of school!! Consumed with...
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