Vegan / Gluten Free

Vegan/Gluten Free

I grew up next to the meat factory.

What I heard and felt still haunts me. Aged 12, I used to write hate mail and leave it on the factory gates for the staff.

I wanted to be a vegetarian, before I knew it was a thing. My parents thought my growing body needed the nutrients, a real misconception of the times.

So for a whole year, my brother and I had a deal, I ate his greens and he ate my meat, we were quite sneaky about it to!

At 13, I asked mum “if you make a new year resolution, can anyone break it?” she replied “no” so I stopped eating meat then and have never turned back.

I discovered ‘dairy was scary’ at 19.

I became quite poorly when I removed it from my diet. My Doctor couldn’t find the cause of my symptoms.

After some research, I self diagnosed a B12 deficiency, and after taking a suppliment, my health and vitality improved. That is where my interest in Nutrition started.

I have a passion for inventing healthy, cruelty free, scrummy meals and snacks. I have a very sweet tooth and a self confessed chocoholic!

In recent years, I notice my body doesn’t react well to gluten, so I try to experiment with alternatives.

I manage easily to serve my cravings without straying from my ethics, and I’m excited to share some recipes with you.

Spicy Choc-Orange Energy Smoothie Super Brain Power This smoothie is scrummy and my NATURAL ANTI DEPRESSANT. After I have this for breakfast, people have commented that I’m ‘TOO HAPPY’!! And I feel amazing… energised and ready to take on ANYTHING!! This is a perfect smoothie for all those teenagers taking their GCSE’s at the moment!…...
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I have been getting into writing recently… …. and have been offered a publishing deal for some rhyming children’s picture books. But I feel I need more practice at general writing, because I just love it!! Creativity Like any art form, writing is a bit like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger and more...
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